St. Roch Catholic Elementary School’s mission is Faith, Education, Service, and Discipline.  

The purpose of St. Roch School is to provide a Catholic Christian education to children whose parents recognize the worth of such an education. To accomplish this purpose, we rely upon the understanding, the cooperation, and participation of the community we serve.  

Mission is Faith:  
We believe that the entire life of the school is centered on the person of Jesus Christ. This commitment permeates and influences every aspect of that life through participation in our Faith Community.  

Since St. Roch is a Catholic School , its religious life is also Church –centered, and its teaching mission is the extension of the Church. This means, in broadest terms, that traditions and doctrines of the Catholic Church are the basis of its religious instructions, practices, and spirit it seeks to create.  

Mission is Education:  
We believe St. Roch is committed to the total spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of our students to their fullest capacities.  

Mission is Discipline:  
We strive to instill a strong sense of self-discipline, self-reliance, and self-esteem that result in ethical and moral behavior.  

Mission is Service:  
Because of global diversity, we provide a variety of resources and experiences designed to help students’ function respectfully and responsibly in a rapidly changing society. With this as our philosophy, we welcome your child to St. Roch Catholic Elementary School! Our primary concern is faith, education, service, and discipline.  

St. Roch School is best described as structured in form and informal in atmosphere. There is an appropriate curriculum for each level with firm but understanding discipline. Students are expected to respect themselves, their families, their companions, and their school.

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